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Albert L. Phillips, III
Do you need a logo? We can create your logo from $50 - $100
$499 Templates
Websites Templates are available in both Desktop and Mobile.  When you purchase a  template a Designer Technician will install and customize that template with text, pictures, videos, buttons etc.

We install your website onto your hosting account for free and work with you for up to 2 hours to get you going. After 2 hours of the Designer Technicians are paid $50 per hour to update, upgrade your website.
Download Free mp3 (value $1.99)
- Background Music
- Break Beats
- Interviews
- Podcasts
- Trainings
- Sound Effects
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4K Digital Flyers  for social media are high quality pass along mini-videos sent via text message, email or social media that remind, inform, update or invite people to your event, party, more importantly to your website to gather information about your audience.
Talent Management Team
Do you have talent? Are you creative? Can you sing, act, dance, or do a voice over,  use a camera, make music, or write blog posts social media? If you are willing to work we are looking for talent A3DigitalStudio is now accepting talent auditions.
VideoBlocks is a members-only site offering a one-stop shop for stock video. Our members enjoy access to our Unlimited Library and our Global Marketplace.
Promo by Slidely is a groundbreaking service
that gives you access to millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music complete with lifetime licensing. With Promo, you can promote anything anywhere on the internet.
A3DigitalStudio is a leader in digital business solutions. Our goal is to assist small businesses with the creation of online marketing and social media communications. We assess your needs and goals and offer solutions that meet your organizational and business needs.
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Walk The Rain |Instrumental | MP3 | $1.00
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Foreign Swords |Instrumental | MP3 | $1.00
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